Our Software Principles

At, we only recommend software that have demonstrated they deliver real value to the end use. We only promote software that have passed professional industry testing and certifications.

Advanced System Repair Inc is a recognized Internet Security and computer optimization tool provider. Their software has proven highly effective after being reviewed by renowed software testing comanies.

We provide links to third party certifications below. These certifications were awarded to Advanced System Repair by independent third parties.

Independent testing

Test #218132. 3rd party test Lab conducted on: August 2018

Tested for Microsoft Windows Operating System Optimization.

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Checkmark by WestCoastLabs is an industry leader when it comes to software certification. They have a global client base of Fortune 500/1000 companies and government agencies.

The CheckmarkCertified program validates the functionality and performance of security technologies in a range of threat scenarios and actual use cases. The standard certification is geared toward consumer-based products through malware detection tests combined with system performance measurements.

AppEsteem was founded by former Microsoft Cyber Security Executives. Their mission is simple, they want to make sure consumers have nothing to fear when installing and using apps on their computing devices

The world’s leading cybersecurity companies trust AppEsteem to help protect more than 2 billion people. These companies helped them create their certification requirements and their Deceptor program.

AppEsteem’s cybersecurity partnerships are built on shared values. And a shared, unwavering commitment to protecting consumers from cybercrime.

Advanced System Repair was tested and recognized as a successful tool when it comes to repairing altered system files. Checkmark modified 20 DLL system files then ran Advanced System Care and determined that the 20 files were successfuly repaired.

The test also determined that Advanced System Repair made noticeable improvement to system responsiveness and overall performance.

Advanced System Repair is a member of provides a community to help their members understand laws, regulations, and policies, and to promote best practices from click to sale. They are devoted to member success and fill in the blanks on the issues that matter most.

This membership ensures that Advanced System Care respects regulations and act in a transparent and morally correct way to ensure customers are treated according to the industry’s best practices.

Industry-first Innovative and Patented Pending Technology (Patent Pending # 62/675,030) 

Industry-first innovative and patented technology of sharing and acquiring PC optimization experience among all clients, which lets you automatically receive and apply most efficient PC tunings from all over the world.